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Strength of Materials

Paliychuk, I. I. Strength of Materials : lecture notes. Part 1 : Analysis of the Stresses and Strains of the Bars / I. I. Paliychuk. - Івано-Франківськ : ІФНТУНГ, 2012. - 76 с.

Lecture notes is based on the program of discipline "Strength of materials" for the students of education direction "Oil and Gas Engineering " and "Mining". In the first part of the lecture notes, the basic concepts and provisions of the science of materials strength are presented and the method of the analysis of the stress-strain state, which occurs in the one-dimensional body - in the bar, with its extension-compression and torsion are described. In order to enhance the students understanding of the principles of mechanics of materials, the lecture notes are supplemented by the determining methods of the mechanical properties of materials.

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